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Week of protest against the G8-summit June 1st to 8th
June 3rd Transnational Network Meeting
June 4th Actionday‭ '‬Escape and Migration‭' ‬in Rostock

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updated infos about program, dates and locations in the news-blog.


Details on the migrationrelated networking-meeting and "cross-over"-events on 3rd of June and our participation in the alternative summit

Opening event

The sunday (3rd of June) will start with a big opening event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will be organised as a debate "about perspectives in and beyond Europe". A first input will be presented by a german unionist, followed by critical comments and remarks from other social movements (anti-war-network, precarity-network ...). And Lucille Daumas from attac in Marocco and very much involved in the activities against the externalisation of EU-migration-control to North-Africa, will represent the migrationrelated networks on this podium. The debate should work as a "cross-over" event, leading together the various social movements, and in the same time it should introduce into the respective networking meetings and forums, which will follow at sunday afternoon.

Migrationrelated networking meeting

The migrationrelated networking meeting will start at 2 p.m., probably in a school in rostock, which is already now used as convergence center. We want to start with a very brief plenary (maximum for one hour until 3 p.m.), where we want to present the respective workshops and the aims and expsectations of this networking meeting.
Our main interest is to meet in really "horizontal discussions" with very brief inputs (and not long presentations!), with a main focus on common discussions in a hopefully transnational composition.
Until now about 10 migrationrelated workshops are under preparation, for example: legalisation; racist police violence; "lager" and borderregime; deportations and readmission programs; precariousness and migration; remittances and development ... Various groups or persons took the responsibilities to coordinate and prepare the respective topics.
The main intention at least in some of the workshops is to overcome a mere information-exchange, rather to discuss about transnational campaigns and concrete interventions. Of course more time is needed in such a perspective, so these workshops will be organised as double slots until the evening.
And we just think for a final common plenary about transnational campaigns and communication in the evening of the sunday, where we want to bring together the concrete results of some of the workshops.
We want to stress again, that we see this meeting in the continuation of transnational gatherings during last two years in the frame of european and world social forums, the conference in Rabat and the actionday at 7th of October 2006. So the workshops should offer first of all the opportunity to strengthen and to deepen the networking processes by identifying focal campaigns on a transnational level.

Alternative summit

Additionally the option is given to continue a few workshops in the frame of the alternative summit. This counter-conference will start on the evening of 5th of June, and Madjiguene Cisse, a famous former sans papier activist in France and engaged in womens-projects in Senegal now, will be a main speaker in the opening plenary.
Moreover a socalled "middle-podium" (8 bigger events about various topics during wednesday, 6th of June, are planned) is under preparation, which will focus to the structural background of flight and migration in Africa and East-Europe. Some guests from various african and east-european countries will take part on it.